The Practice

This section contains links to general information about OWV.

Contact Information

You may contact OWV by email, using our convenient Email Forms, or by using one of the following telephone numbers. Please double check the availability of OWV personnel on the OWV Public Calendar.

Appointments: 831-239-5547
Call to make an appointment or discuss business issues.
Faxes: 831-789-1705
Please make sure Dr. Broomhall is aware of important faxes.


Dr. Broomhall is generally available to see your horse for scheduled appointments from Tuesday to Friday 9AM to 5PM, with limited scheduling on Saturday from 10AM to 3PM.

Dr. Broomhall is available for emergency after hours call all other times, except when Dr. Broomhall is ill or away on travel, or when other vets are covering her call. Please see Other Vets for a list of other vets that help to cover Dr. Broomhall's emergency calls.

Someone will generally be available to make new appointments and address general business issues from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM (call: 831-239-5547).

Please note that we keep a public calendar giving the current availability of OWV personnel.

Other Vets

The following is a list of local equine veterinarians that help to cover emergency calls for OWV clients when Dr. Broomhall is unavailable.

Dr. Tom Meyers
Watsonville, CA, phone: 831-728-5118
Dr. Anne Terry
Santa Cruz, CA, phone: 831-763-3550
Steinbeck Country Equine
Salinas, CA, phone: 831-455-1808

Service Area

OWV is located in Northern California midway between Santa Cruz and Monterey and about 8 miles south of Watsonville. We treat horses in the following areas:


Dr. Natalie Broomhall
  • Owner and Practitioner
  • DVM: Purdue University School of Veterinary Med., 2000
  • MA: Stanford University School of Education, 1992
  • BA: Dartmouth College, 1987
Neil Klepeis
  • Information Technology
  • Emotional Support